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The Radiant Roaming Roseô  - An original creation by David Evangelista

A beautiful full-sized white rose magically lights up to a radiant glowing red color by simply gesturing at it. The rose appears to have changed colors. The glowing red color can be made to vanish or re-appear at any time desired.   But thatís not all ......

Now, with the rose still lit and glowing red you let go of the rose and it begins to float up and down, and side to side in front of the performer. The magician has complete control over the floating rose at all times. The rose appears to be floating by means of the strange illumination.  

Donít be fooled by the other light roses on the market, ours is the first and only one to float and gives you complete control over the rose at all times. Professionally made, easy to perform, self contained, no threads or magnets.


Instructional DVD  - $20.00 

The Radiant Wandô  (2 year warranty *)

An original creation by David Evangelista

Magician enters stage with a clear Lucite wand. He gestures at it and the end lights up a radiant glowing red. He gestures again and the red light disappears. Looking at the other end of wand, he passes his hand over it and the glowing red light appears at that end. 

The light jumps from end to end as often as desired. Now with both ends lit up, he twirls the wand and creates a beautiful ring of radiant red light in mid air. Use it with any glowing red light from air effect and youíll have the hottest newest routine available. Great effect !   

This Lucite wand is not available anywhere else in the world !!!



The Radiant Rose ô 

The ultimate illuminating lit rose This rose is a realistic looking full-sized white rose that changes color by illuminating to a radiant red color.  

 It can be turned on or off as many times as desired and does not have to be held in the your hand to remain lit. The rose can be lit and then placed down while still lit.   

The rose is made with a special five year lithium battery that should last a lifetime, because the battery is rated at five years continuous use, which means as long as you donít leave it on continuously then it should last you a lifetime.  

Use it with your Radiant Spheres to create a routine where the red light appears at the finger tips and then can be placed on the rose. The light can vanish from the rose & re-appear at the finger tips then vanish from the finger tips and re-appear on the rose.




An original creation by David Evangelista

David Evangelista's Ulti-Rose Routines are excellent routines that are easy to do and creates the mood of romance.  Ulti-Roses are made from the best high quality silk roses available. These roses look so much like a real rose, itís hard to tell the difference.  The colors of the roses are all very bright and realistic looking. Create a beautiful routine were roses change colors, switch places and appear from unlikely places.

Roses can change colors in any sequence desired, for example Ulti-Rose Single Color Changing Rose changes from (red to white) or from (white to red). Ulti-Rose Double Color Changing Rose can change in any color sequence using white, yellow & red. 


VM1009 Ulti-Rose II Single Color Changing Rose ( white to red) $75.00

VM1010 Ulti-Rose II Double Color Changing Rose (white/yellow/red) $85.00
VM1011 Ulti-Rose II Color Changing/Splitting Rose (white-red) $95.00
VM1012 Ulti-Rose II Triple Color Changing Rose (white-pink-yellow-red) $95.00

VM1013 Ulti-Rose II Single Color Changing Rose to full bloom ( white to red) $85.00
VM1014 Ulti-Rose II Floating/Single Color Changing Rose $85.00


An original creation by David Evangelista

This new ingenious utility glass was created by David Evangelista to be used with his incredible  Ulti-Rose effects listed above, but can be used for so many other routines and possibilities.    

When used with the Ulti-Rose Single Color Changing Rose effect, you first display the white rose then cut off the head of the rose and use it to create a snowstorm (snowstorm papers are required for this). Magician is left with a bare stem. He then picks up a bottle of wine and pours some into the glass. Magician takes the stem and puts the end of it down into the wine and pulls it back up to reveal a beautiful red rose now on the end of the stem. The rose is dry and beautiful ! 

When not using with the Ulti-Rose effects you can use the glass to pull silk streamers, cigars, cigarettes, papers, sponge balls or any other similar sized object that will fit or compress into itís special chamber. Also, the glass can be showed on all sides before beginning the effect. There are no angles to worry about.

Item Name: Ulti-Dry Glass



By Santiago Dimas

*** This is NOT Rocco's version of a bleeding rose.   

This effect was originally introduced by a Portuguese magician , Santiago Dimas. Rocco uses a similar effect in his stage act, but the presentation is completely different than how Santiago performs his routine.

With special arrangements with Santiago, Visual Magic offers this high quality bleeding rose. This rose bleeds directly from the head of the rose and through the pedals.  It can be used in so many types of magic routines such as rose magic, bizarre magic or any other routine that will fit your style. 

This effect can also be used in Christian Gospel magic and receives tremendous response.


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