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Includes FUSE Pen™, funnel, one bottle of FUSE solution with instructions. 




Effect:  Magician has the spectator choose a ESP card and memorize the symbol.   (This could also be a regular playing card or anything else you wish to force on the spectator). 

The magician removes a piece of tissue paper and asks the spectator to hold it between their hands. The spectator is told to focus on the paper and concentrate on the symbol. Magician now takes a match, lights it and lets it burn for a few seconds. He then blows the match out and touches it to the paper.

Slowly the paper starts to burn where the match was placed and something strange starts to happen. The paper is now seen to be burning a trail of an image. After a few seconds the paper burns a the chosen image completely in to the paper. The paper may be given to the spectator as a souvenir.

This is an awesome effect that has been updated by a professional chemist. He has created a solution the will burn at the same rate until it is finished and can be prepared a year ahead of time. 

Completely safe and easy to use. Practically no skill is required. Don’t be fooled by quick to make solutions. This one works 100% of the time. Complete with instructions, solution, brush and several possible routines.

To purchase multiple bottles and multiple pens, 

use the drop-down box to choose your option.  

FUSE Pen Options


Multum en Parvo Deluxe


The magician starts out displaying five differently sized glasses, which are lined up from smallest to largest and are all shown to be empty. The smallest glass is picked up and filled with milk from a pint size milk carton. The small glass is displayed, and the magician looks at the glass and shakes his head, because he wants a bigger glass of milk. Unfortunately, there is no more milk in the milk carton. So instead, the magician pours the milk from the smallest glass into the next bigger glass in the line up. The milk fills the glass to the top!

The magician takes this glass and fills up the next biggest glass in the line up, and it also fills the glass to the top! The milk is seemingly multiplying from glass to glass. This is repeated all the way up to the largest glass. The magician has filled up the largest glass from a tiny glass of milk!

Now with the largest glass filled, he gives a big smile and then starts to fill the four empty glasses up from the largest down to the smallest. The largest glass fills up the other four glasses!
Ulti-Floating Roses ™     Another knock-out original creation by David Evangelista
The long awaited Ulti-Floating Rose has arrived. David has combined two of his classics, The Simplex Floating Rose and the Ulti-Rose to create the Ulti-Floating Rose
Ulti-Rose Floating Rose - Single Color Change


Ulti-Rose Floating Rose Single Color Change - Full Bloom


Ulti-Rose Floating Rose - Double Color Change


Ulti-Rose Floating Rose - Single Color Change/Splitting Rose


Ulti-Rose Floating Rose - Triple Color Change Rose


Ulti-Rose II - Additional Rose Heads - There are two types, the standard closed rose or the full bloom. The full bloom is available in red & white only. The standard closed rose is available in red, white or yellow.


Tough Luck    An original creation by David Evangelista
Six envelopes are placed on the table. Also a red velvet bag is place on the table away from the envelopes. 

The magician explains that each envelope has a poker chip with a different value and the high value in one of the envelopes is $10,000. 

All poker chips have different amounts and which ever amount the spectator chooses he will win. So, the spectator has the chance to will up to $10,000.  The spectator ends up picking the 5-cent chip, which matches the prediction you have in a red velvet bag. 

Addition $10,000 chip included so a spectator can pick the high dollar chip and match your prediction in the red velvet bag.


Elusive Orb    The manipulators dream!
A silver metallic board with a hole in it is displayed and shown on both sides. The board has unusual properties, where a large colored dot appears on the board and disappears at will.  The dot is transformed into a ball by the magician and again transformed into a dot and vanished. This can be repeated as many times as desired with different variations of he ball vanishing and re-appearing.  An excellent device for any manipulator or kids show magician. Lots of fun and easy to do. 

Colors of balls available:  blue (shown) , yellow, orange, red


Paddle Ball Frenzy
An original creation by David Evangelista

A bright white paddle is shown on both sides. The magician passes his hand over the paddle and a colored dot appears on the paddle. The dot can be seen on both sides of the board. Now the magician passes his hand over the colored dot and makes the dot grow into a two dimensional half ball that can be seen sticking out of the paddle. The magician shows both sides of the paddle but the half ball is only formed on one side of the paddle. Now the magician grabs the half dot from the board and throws it on the floor and it is instantly transformed into a rubber ball that bounces back up to the performer.

 Complete with the ball, two gimmicks and instructions. Colors available:  blue, yellow, orange, red.


Airborne Wine & Glass

The magician pours wine into an empty wine goblet and lets go of the glass as he is pouring. The glass magically remains suspended in air while the wine is still being poured from the bottle. An excellent stage effect! 

Our gimmick can be removed and placed in any standard wine or champagne bottle. Our wine glass is absolutely clear and the gimmick on the glass cannot be detected. This is a great improvement over the frosted glasses on the market because with the clear glass there appears that there is nothing to hide!


Simplex Floating Rose
An original creation by David Evangelista

The magician is seen holding a beautiful rose. He gestures at it and suddenly the magician slowly lets go of the rose and it clings to his hand.  He moves his hand away from the rose to show it suspended in mid air.  

The rose now floats up and down and side to side, in front of the performer. The rose even float up and above the magician's head as the magician turns in a full circle as the rose is floating in mid-air. The rose even float up and above the magician's head as the magician turns in a full circle as the rose is floating in mid-air. At the conclusion of the effect, the rose descends back to the performer’s waiting hand.

High quality design. Comes complete with instructions, packing tube for rose and gimmick.  Everything you need to create the ultimate floating rose effect!


Instant Rose Creation

Back again after being of the market for nine years. The creator of this effect, David Evangelista, decided to once again release this ingenious idea. 

The magician is seen holding a bare rose stem. He also has some pedals from a rose and it appears that he is attempting to repair the rose. After a few failed attempts the magician gets frustrated and throws the rose pedals up in the air.  At that instant a rose head appears on the stem of the rose. An Instant Rose Creation!

*** Magic Shops - This item is an exclusive with Murphy's Magic Supplies. This item is not available from any other magic distributor.


Ghost Candle II (Electronic Self Lighting)

The magician displays a simple candle and is holding it in one hand. He tells a story of a haunted house that he has visited and asks if anyone believes in ghosts. He explains that a ghost has been following him since the visit at this haunted house and he cannot seem to get rid of the apparition. The audience does not seem to buy into this, so the magician says that he will demonstrate. He states that he needs to light the candle to attract the ghost out, because the ghost is drawn to the candle flame. But the magician can’t seem to find his matches. He stares at the candle and suddenly the candle lights by itself. The magician thanks the ghost and continues with his ghost story.

Comes complete with instructions, box to store candle, extra wick. 




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