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"Thee" Cigarette Lighter

Long unavailable to the magic society, this ingenious cigarette lighter looks exactly like a cigarette. Just pull off the filter on the end of the cigarette and you will find a miniature striker and a wick.  The opposite end has a screw that is removed and is a chamber to hold lighter fluid. Now simply place this innocent looking cigarette lighter into your pocket or cigarette pack and you are ready for a light at any time.  

Great for the magician that does not smoke, but who needs to light something in his routine. Simply take the cigarette lighter out and explain that you don’t smoke but you do need a light. Then remove the end and light it. 

The filter’s end is magnetic and works with
Visual Magic’s “Incredible Magnetic Holdout Device”.



Visual Magic's Incredible Magnetic Holdout Device

"The newest and easiest holdout method ever manufactured !!!"   This is without a doubt the simplest holdout device you will ever use. No clumsy hard to open clips or velcro.  Holds on to any metal object magnetically. For items that are not magnetic, simply add an alligator clip to hold the object. Delivers objects secretly to your hand and is controlled by your movements. 

Make objects appear and vanish with ease. Comes complete with instruction booklet.

Several VISUAL MAGIC products are made to work with this special holdout device, such as the Ulti-Roses, Ulti-Balls, VMI Handflasher and Pyro Palms.  


Revolution ™  -  $35.00    The absolute hottest new effect in coin magic. 

Effect one :
You display two fifty-cent pieces and then try to balance one coin on top of the other. After a few failures the top coin stays in place. You then gesture at the coins and the top coin rotates on the bottom coin. That’s right the top coin actually rotates on top of the bottom coin. The coin rotates in both directions as long as you like. Then you gesture again and the top coin stops rotating and falls off into the your awaiting hand.

Effect two : Take a cigarette and place it on the edge of the coin, pause and look away briefly as the cigarette stays balanced on the coin. Look back at the cigarette and blow on it. This causes the cigarette to spin on top of the coin. Stop and take a drag off the cigarette while it is still balanced on the coin. Remove the cigarette and continue to smoke as normal. (No special cigarette required to perform this effect !)  

This effect was a sell out at the 1996 Magic on the Beach II Convention in Miami Beach. We had several top magicians want to market this coin for us, but we decided to keep it all to ourselves. Call us selfish, but why give up a good thing ?  * See special note to the left !

The Revolution ™ Set comes with two special machined fifty-cent pieces. With the addition of a Cigarette Thru Half coin (sold elsewhere) it makes a fantastic routine using the three coins. The cigarette can first spin on top of the coin, then be pushed through another one. This helps put the attention on the cigarette instead of the coins. 

A brilliant routine !!!  



Laser Lights  -  Manufactured by Anitochi Magic Effects, Las Vegas, NV
  • Anitochi Magic Effects were the first to introduce a small gimmick with the release of our Radiant Lights II. 
  • Anitochi Magic Effects were the first to solve the problem with the lights coming loose from the gimmick
  • And now Anitochi Magic Effects are the first to create a new look and style of producing lights from thin air.  

Anitochi Magic Effects new gimmicks (Laser Lights™ ) allows you to product a pinpoint of light and manipulate it from hand to hand, make it vanish and reappear, transpose it in to something else or whatever you can imagine.   

Laser Lights™ allows all the standard effects possible with other "lights for air" gimmicks but Laser Lights™ are visible in all lighting conditions, even direct sunlight. They are also visible from greater distances and can be seen on stage in full spotlights. Laser Lights™ were first introduced in red to be used with a laser pen, but now there are available in four eye piercing colors. 

  • Available in 2 sizes “regular or small” and 4 colors  -   “red” “green” “amber” “orange”
  • Visible in any lighting situation, even direct sunlight !!!  
  • Allows all the functionality of other "lights for air" gimmicks but in a concentrated pinpoint of light !!!
  • No more glowing thumbs !!!
  • Priced right. $25.00 each or a set of two matching colors for $48.00

    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Single Red Item Number: LLSR    Price: $25.00
    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Single Green  Item Number: LLSG    Price: $25.00
    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Single Amber     Item Number: LLSA    Price: $25.00
    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Single Amber   Item Number: LLSA    Price: $25.00
    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Pair Red   Item Number: LLPR    Price: $48.00
    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Pair Green    Item Number: LLPG    Price: $48.00
    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Pair Amber    Item Number: LLPA    Price: $48.00
    Item Name: Laser Lights II - Pair Orange   Item Number: LLPO    Price: $48.00

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