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    $ 25.00     

One of the first illusionist that purchased this product from us in 1999 was none other than the late great Doug Henning. Ask David to tell you the story about the phone call he received from Doug one afternoon.  "This stuff is really cool. It makes me feel like a kid again"  - Doug Henning

"People say that James Bond's magic effect would be Wiregrams; they could not have been more wrong because this is it!" - Gambits Flame, Ellusionist Forums

A very 'now' effect that baffles both laymen and magicians…very cool. I love it". - Dan Stapleton

Effect:  Magician has the spectator choose a ESP card and memorize the symbol.   (This could also be a regular playing card or anything else you wish to force on the spectator). 

The magician removes a piece of tissue paper and asks the spectator to hold it between their hands. The spectator is told to focus on the paper and concentrate on the symbol. Magician now takes a match, lights it and lets it burn for a few seconds. He then blows the match out and touches it to the paper.

Slowly the paper starts to burn where the match was placed and something strange starts to happen. The paper is now seen to be burning a trail of an image.
After a few seconds the paper burns a the chosen image completely in to the paper. The paper may be given to the spectator as a souvenir.

This is an awesome effect that has been updated by a professional chemist. He has created a solution the will burn at the same rate until it is finished and can be prepared a year ahead of time. 

Completely safe and easy to use. Practically no skill is required. Don’t be fooled by quick to make solutions. This one works 100% of the time. Complete with instructions, solution, brush and several possible routines.


By Santiago Dimas

               $ 50.00

*** This is NOT Rocco's version of a bleeding rose.   

This effect was originally introduced by a Portuguese magician , Santiago Dimas. Rocco uses a similar effect in his stage act, but the presentation is completely different than how Santiago performs his routine.

With special arrangements with Santiago, Visual Magic offers this high quality bleeding rose. This rose bleeds directly from the head of the rose and through the pedals.  It can be used in so many types of magic routines such as rose magic, bizarre magic or any other routine that will fit your style. 

This effect can also be used in Christian Gospel magic and receives tremendous response.



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