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Tampa Bay Mystics

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Beginning June 1st, 2017 

The most exclusive secret society for magicians

Memberships are granted "by invitation only"

This "Tampa Bay Mystics" is bound to be the most envied secret society in magic. Henceforth,  the "Tampa Bay Mystics" will be referred to as a group. The founder of our group and the legal name of our society will be the only visible means to identify our group to the public. The founder of this group will be known publicly to ensure that no one attempts to hi-jack the identity of this secret society.

If by chance you're selected to be involved with this society, you'll become part of the most exclusive and secret magic group for magicians in the world.  This group will study the most guarded secrets in the existence of magic, which cannot be purchased or accessed anywhere on the web. These secrets have been handed down from successor to successor in the magic hierarchy throughout the ages and are known by very few others in the world.

Our group will be comprised from a few professional magicians, escape artists and psychic entertainers and also magic creators who will study, discuss and  brain-storm together for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge within our group and improving the skills of the group members to surpass all others in the magical arts.

Any member that violates any of the by-laws or whom is found to have previously violated any of our known by-laws will be expelled from the group and their membership immediately revoked. This is a private and secret membership and the members are not allowed to reveal their membership status with anyone outside of the group or it will be considered a violation of policy and they will be expelled from the group.

We take our secrecy very seriously and will not tolerate anyone revealing that they are part of this secret society.

The founder "David Evangelista"

"This group is my legacy and contribution to the magic

world and my hopes are that this group will be in

existence long after I have moved on to the here-after."  






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